Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Library card!

I finally have a Greater Victoria Public Library card. It took me a while (over two years!) but I have an excuse: the UVic library. Now that I'm not on campus every week, I realized that I needed to make the switch. It's good timing, because I've also been tentatively planning to step up my library strategy, taking a lead from my mom and dad, who really take advantage of their library privileges. That automated library voice is constantly calling them with new treats. They don't even rent movies anymore.

I got some Tolstoy (as per the tentative plans in the header), but haven't started reading the books yet. I'm waiting for the long weekend, ok? I've been busy, and I've barely been keeping up with Things Worth Making. I've stuck to the Wednesday schedule on that blog, but I'm sure you've noticed length of the posts has been steadily decreasing. I've noticed too. I wonder if taking on a second blog was a smart idea?


Anonymous said...

i just got distracted putting things on hold on the library website after reading this. go library go!

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