Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Inspiration in the kitchen

I'm mulling over a couple of posts about Cadbury Creme Egg controversies and dentists (complimentary, no?), but they are big subject areas and will take more time than I have right now. Instead, I'll just take a second to tell you about my new favorite cookbook: Fresh: Seasonal Recipes Made with Local Foods by John Bishop.

Recognize the name of the author? He's the owner of Bishop's in Vancouver. I've never been, but now that Michael and I have made a few of the recipes from this book, I want to go!

We have already made the chicken breast with fresh bread crumbs and lemon, the lentil shepherd's pie, the pork and apple meatloaf and the roasted garlic, winter kale and white bean soup. I loved everything. Now I've got tentative plans to make the bread pudding with pears, chocolate and raisins. I predict I will love it too.

As you can see, the book has both meat recipes and vegetarian recipes. That suits us perfectly. Other goodness: the recipes are relatively simple, they are organized by seasons and they emphasize local foods.

You can't borrow it from me right now, because I like it too much, but you can check out the recipe for roasted pears and blue cheese. That will have to do for now.


Anonymous said...

Sounds delish! I think Bishop's is fancy-dancy so maybe you and Michael will have to go as a convocation present to yourselves. I'll keep an eye out for the book.

The cookbook I use the most is The Best of the Best of Bridge. Lots of receipes that my Mom used to make, and I haven't come across a bad receipe yet.


brie said...

Yums. I will have to borrow it from the library. My latest cookbook love is the latest from Isa Chanda Moskowitz, "Veganomicon". Despite not being vegan, I love this book and her recipes. I borrowed it from the library but got sick of putting post-its in the pages that I wanted to copy out, so I just ordered it from Amazon.

Nothing beats a good cookbook!

Lydia said...

I want that Veganomicon too, but I've barely touched Cook with Jamie and the Rebar cookbook.

Erin Riley said...

The Rebar cookbook is excellent. Michael made the zucchini chocolate cupcakes for my birthday last year, and I love the African yam soup.