Saturday, February 09, 2008

I will drink more tea

My new years resolution/latest tentative plan has a new partner in crime:
I was able to use a gift certificate to buy this new Middle Kingdom tea pot yesterday, and its beauty makes me want to drink tea. Is that good or bad? It also helps that I'm stocked up with some delicious teas: the licorice peppermint is my favorite. The best part about this tea pot is that it can serve more than one person, so I'm ready for company!


Lydia said...

Why would it be bad? I just had licorice peppermint tea last night at Capers. Coincidence!

Erin said...

It's bad because I have to bribe myself to do healthy things with pretty material objects. It's good because it works!

brie said...

That is an exceptional tea pot. I've been thinking about buying a second tea pot and this is making me think about it even more!

Jessie said...

Even tea addicts need nice tea tools. I just got a new metal kettle, it works as well as the last one but it makes me happy to use it. (and doesn't flavour the tea with bisphenol A)

sarah said...

erin, maybe it isn't a bribe. maybe you are removing a barrier. no need to suffer for your tea. (aka, there is no guilt in pleasure.)

sounds like everybody is pro-cute-teapot!

Lydia said...

OMG! I never thought of the consequences of my plastic kettle. Definitely time for a metal one.

I would have a teapot addiction if I had the space for it. I bought a new one and left it at Kelly's.

robyn. said...

i really need a tea pot. i have a one cupper but i find it pointless as i have cup sized leaf strainers.

i'm holding out for a the tea pot to rule them all. i was to fall in love. good choice on yours. the colour is great. i was looking at buying some new dishes that have the lovely teal colour inside while the outside is chocolate brown.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tea pot! What a terrific colour! Do your burn your fingers on the lid? Licorice peppermint is a favourite of mine, and always consumme a gallon of it when I get my hair done at Aveda.

I too am trying to drink more tea - more green tea, less coffee, that's my goal. So far, so good.

And good point Jessie about the plastic tea kettle!!! I never thought of that!

Erin C.