Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another short post about my other blog

Hey! I've posted another entry at Things Worth Making. Did I discourage you from commenting last time? I'd love if a couple of you could say something so my professor knows that someone is reading it. Thanks friends!

Also, if you're bored, find out what Barack Obama is up to.

Pictures from a weekend trip to Seattle are coming soon.


sarah said...

Oh, Erin! That Obama website really makes me smile. He's so nice! Who wouldn't vote for that guy? After all, he helped my gramma across the street AND spent the afternoon setting up my router. He's a class act, that one.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Oh Barack, how will you run the county when you are so busy making me mix tapes?

Have you ever read this blog:

It's pretty funny!

Erin Riley said...

Erin! That site is so funny, although I think a more appropriate name would be "stuff white yuppies like." Still. Funny.

Thanks for the comments on my other blog, everyone. I appreciate the support!