Saturday, March 10, 2007


I finished another project for my web design class: a business website for our friend Shane's coffee shop. It was a group project and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Have a look at it here.

Update: I removed the link because the site isn't on the UVic server anymore.


brie said...

It's so nice, Erin! I love the font that you used. And the little graphic of the people hanging out underneath the list on the left.

Ack! I have to design a website for one of my classes. I only sort of know what I'm going to do and how to do it. It actually involves a lot of research for the content which is what scares me the most. It's about librarian stereotypes though, so at least it will be sort of fun.

robyn. said...

good site.

good reviews.

too bad i didn't get a chance to go. at least it looks like habit will be around in the summer, i'll stop in for a sip then.

Unknown said...

Nice work once again, Erin. I'm off to get me a soy latte. Advertising really does work!

Lydia said...

Beautiful website and it looks like a beautiful coffee shop! We'll have to go next time I'm there.

sarah said...

such a fancy site. and a great reflection of what it's like to be at the coffee shop. does that mean we can have coffee there again soon?