Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ceci n'est pas une bicyclette

This picture was taken a few years back, when Michael and I visited San Francisco for the first and only time. I'm posting it to draw attention to the bunny hugs (i.e. hoodies) that Shannon and I are wearing (click on the photo to see them a bit better). Shannon bought hers first, and I loved it so much that I bought my own (but it's not copying because mines navy). It features a skeleton on a bike, with no featured brand name. The problem is, I felt some sort of pressure to be an actual cyclist to justify wearing the hoody. I guess I felt that it made some sort of statement about biking and I didn't want to be a poser. I had a bike at the time, but it was an old beater that I rode around Main Street and that's about it.

Now that I live in Victoria I have a real bike, and I would venture to say that I ride it enough to feel comfortable in the hoody. I have fulfilled a tentative plan that I made years ago! Yesterday I rode my bike to see my grandma and I was proud that I ventured out in the rain. The trip was smooth, and I mused about the victorious blog post I would write about the experience. But then it came time to leave my grandma's, and the rain had gained momentum. I thought I could make it to my knitting date without getting too wet, but after one minute on the bike it became clear that I needed to go home. My shoes, pants, hands and hair were sopping wet, as you can see. If I really want to be a committed cyclist, I think I have to invest in some rain pants.

Sadly, the bad weather prevented me from seeing Sarah, but because we're so dedicated, we both knit a few stitches on our own. Good show.


Anonymous said...

i can't believe you went went for a bike ride in yesterday's rain.

you deserve a medal or gold star or prize of some sort.

well done.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing that first picture before. Cute!

And I think it's great that you're cycling in all sorts of weather. Personally, I love riding in the rain and getting all sopping wet. Of course, it helps if you've got a hot shower and dry clothes waiting for you at your destination. If not, you could wear a plastic sheet or some rain gear. I bought a bright blue rain pants/jacket set from the dollar store. I got my fair share of stares, but it kept me nice and dry.

Anonymous said...

I am a long time Victoria cyclist. I have found that trying to stay dry in “water proof” clothing doesn’t work for two reasons. First, if it’s really coming down and you are moving fast the rain seems to get in anyway. Second, if you’re going far or up your going to start sweating and if you sweat like me you’ll be pretty wet anyway because waterproof does not breath.
So, my solution is quick dry clothing to ware while I am cycling and waterproof panniers to keep my change of cloths dry.
It is incredible that with all the technology we have cycling is still the most efficient mode of travel in a city. I love it!
P.S. Don’t forget to bring dry underwear in your change of cloths ‘cause in Victoria rain you will be wet through.

Anonymous said...

Hey cutie - I too had that same burden with that hoody. I was off my bike for over a year and the hoody drove me back! I have since had the hoody stolen:(
I need to revist that little store to see if that print is still there-
thanks for the reminder.