Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blog club

Lydia and Brie already posted this picture, but I'm posting it too because it's so cute. I understand that Robyn is burned that she wasn't invited out for blogger tea in Vancouver last week, but the fact is the whole get-together was quite tentative and we didn't realize it was a mini blogher conference until were all in the same car together. The best part was Lydia and Sarah R had never met Brie in person, even though they read each other's blogs. It's great how blogs bring people together - especially for tea and cake at Sweet Revenge. If we do it again, you're all invited!

If you're wondering, and I assume you are, my chocolate pudding cake was divine. The icing-pudding dilemma was fierce, but I think I picked the winner; the fact that the pudding cake was served warm helped me make my decision - it was a comfort on a cold, wet day in Vancouver.


Anonymous said...

hi erin. i just want to say that i miss you. i miss the times we had together. i miss your scent.

i also miss reading your blog on a regular basis because i do enjoy it so.

i was a wee-worried about you and the others i know in that part of the world (given all the weather reports) but then i heard my dad went out fishing through it all. at that time i knew you all would be okay and that it couldn't have been that gruesome (sp.?). and also, given vancouver is so stocked full of excellent coffee and cake wonderlands, you would be extra okay. for some reason consuming cakes and sugar and cream when the weather is shit is a guilt-free experience.

talk soon,

robyn. said...

hey now, i wasn't feeling burned! i know you didn't intentionally ditch me. i was just very jealous that i didn't happen to be in vancouver for the spontaneous bloggers meet up.

are we going to make perogies or what?

Melissa said...

I remembered today you mentioned you had a blog at Jennifer's wedding. I thought I'd look you up. Hope you don't mind.

Erin Riley said...

Cool! We tried to find your blog after the wedding, but we had no luck. Are you still updating it? If so, you should email Michael the address...

Your profile picture is beautiful!

Melissa said... blog should come up when you click on my profile.


I update periodically but not religiously.

There's a link to Noah's on my blog as well.