Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tentative Plans

I told you I have a few more tentative plans up my sleeve, but after I wrote about going to the sauna/gym, I realized that these others don't need as much explanation. I won't keep you waiting any longer.

I plan to print photos! And frame them! And hang them on the wall! Because we don't live near our family, it's important for us to have current photos of our families around, and we finally got around to hanging some photos before Christmas (after we organized our digital photos). We need more frames though. I plan to buy some from this Etsy store. I also plan to make some in this spirit. Then there's the challenge of acquiring photos of family members missing from the collection; I'll work on that too.

I plan to figure out how to take care of my kitchen knives. After Christmas, I bought this knife holder for our drawer. Before that we were just throwing knives in the drawer willy-nilly (this is not good practice, friends, especially when your roomie has a really fancy knife). Now I need to figure out how to sharpen my knives correctly, though I might take them to get sharpened professionally first, to start fresh. I'm also aware of the need to improve my knife skills, but we'll see if I take it that far.

I plan to start taking advantage of my benefits by getting a massage once a month. I really don't like making appointments for things (you too?), and I really don't like filing paperwork, so this is a big challenge. But the reward is worth it. Last year I had a 15-minute chair massage in my office building once a month, and I really miss it. Perhaps I need to look into setting up a standing appointment.


brie said...

I yearn for the day (soon?) when Sean and I are settled down and I can put up a photo wall. The resin frames you linked to are pretty cool and I'm sure will make your photos look fab. I love family photos!

Erin Riley said...

Yes, I like those resin frames (they're cheap!), and I think they will add some nice colour to the wall. I also look for frames at second-hand stores regularly, but I think a lot of people do that. Good frames are hard to find!