Friday, February 18, 2011


I listened to my first audiobook over the last couple of weeks: An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin.

It was the perfect book for me at this point in time: light but engaging. I hear that the actual book included images of artwork, but I was happy to give those up in order to listen to Campbell Scott read me an entire book. Remember Campbell Scott? From Singles? It seems he has recorded quite a few audiobooks, including The Shining by Steven King.

I like the idea of audiobooks (Michael isn't interested in reading to me, so this is the next best thing), and this first experience was positive. What do you think about them? And more importantly, do you have any suggestions that would be suitable for, say, the five hour drive from Las Vegas to Palm Springs?


Herather said...

Hey- I love audio books... er, well, at least the one that I have listened to so far: "An Omnivores Dilemma" by Michael Pollan. It is the only way I can get written information other than fishing magazines into my husbands brain. We listened while we took a road trip last year. He loved it.

Erin Riley said...

Thanks Heather. I might just check that out because we're looking for a shorter read that we can start and finish during our holiday. Also, I've read the first third of that book and loved it, but then I had to give it back to my mom.

Erin Coulter said...

I love audiobooks! I had a membership with Audible. I usually got non-fiction and spiritual books to listen to while I walked to work as I find non-fiction boring to read, more interesting to listen to.

When I was recovering from laser eye surgery, I listened to "The Chopin Manuscripts", which is a thriller with each chapter written by a different thriller author. It was neat! And narrated by Alfred Molina, who does such great accents.

Maybe you could get a book from your past like "James and the Giant Peach". That might be fun. Or a Nancy Drew mystery!