Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Christmas of Catan

In December, our roomies Marc and Jen gave us an early Christmas present: The Settlers of Catan. The board game, which combines the best parts of Risk and Monopoly, has been on our wish list since Ananda introduced it to our household last fall.

We brought the game to Saskatchewan for Christmas, and we played it a million times. Both sets of parents and our friend Raissa learned to play. Everyone was really into it.

This game had a lot to do with making our Christmas holiday so enjoyable.

Other things that contributed: looking at old photos with my Baba, watching three good movies in the movie theatre (you really need to see The King's Speech), knitting scarves by the fire and drinking coffee in a leisurely fashion.

Then there's seeing friends and family in the flesh; that's always a good time.

I hope you had a fun holiday too!


Lydia said...

Oh yay Kelly and I love that game.

Erin Riley said...

Good news! We also have a couple of expansion packs. Have you ever played with those?

Lydia said...

We have, but I forget. Kelly just called it the extra people player, so that was helpful. Our friends have the seafarers, but I don't think we tried it.

Erin said...

We'll be playing together soon enough!