Monday, May 25, 2009

Do the clam!

Michael and I watched a bit of Girl Happy this weekend, and it inspired me to show Ananda and Zoe how to do "the clam" while we were at the beach on Saturday. I'm not sure that I got it right, so I thought I'd set the record straight here. You'll really be doing yourself a favour by watching this video in its entirety. In addition to adding some great dance moves to your repetoire, you'll see couples jumping out of the bushes, where they were up to who knows what. You'll see grown men rolling another man up in carpet in order to let Elvis make his move on a pretty lady. Oh, and you'll see young Elvis. What a babe!


Zoe said...

Your clam was cuter, but that is pretty awesome stuff! Let's switch careers and become choreographed dance film makers.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I wish you and Michael had done the clam at your wedding.