Friday, May 22, 2009


So! Coconut Records! It's the musical solo project by Jason Schwartzman. The latest album, Davy, was released in January, and I like it. Instead of posting a video though, let's just have a look at the best Rushmore clip ever (that's Schwartzman with the braces):

Want to look at something else? There's a pretty juicy post over at Things Worth Making and some newish photos of the wedding from my sister on Flickr. Now go enjoy the sun.


urban craft said...

I totally dig Jason Schw. but I think the his I really dig the awesomeness of his roles in Wes Anderson movies, I can't say I totally love him in other's like shopgirl and marie antoniette. I dug I heart the huckabees though.

Erin Riley said...

Shopgirl wasn't great, that's for sure, but I seem to recall a great JS moment when he declares his love to Claire Danes. I'll take what I can get.