Friday, November 21, 2008

Change of heart

Remember how I said I was done with posters? On Tuesday? I take it back. I was just reading the Dec/Jan issues of ReadyMade, and I came across some beatiful posters that are available for free (including the one by Nick Dewar, pictured here).

The posters address current issues in a style inspired by American Depression-era posters. You can see the originals in Posters for the People: Art of the Works Progress Administration.

Now I need to find something along these lines so I can put an end to the reign of the ineffective thumbtack.


Anonymous said...

We once declared "no sarongs on the walls" in our tiny tuff city pad, and I believe it worked for a time. Then I think we hung one in the bedroom. Hippies, you know? You can take us off our islands, but you can't ... um, take away our hippy kitsch? I don't know. I like the poster you chose. Very simple and pretty - and hey, cool link!

Anonymous said...

Cool! The Works Progress Administration was the featured article on Wikipedia at some point last week. So interesting! What a great time in publicly funded art. I like the poster you chose and its message.

Erin C.

Unknown said...

nice poster, erin.
i imagine your walls are nicely decorated.
mine are still bare.

on a related note, my new favourite temporary adhesive, well it's not really an adhesive but achieves the same purpose:
black masking tape.
it's the classiest of all masking tapes, and it makes my childish drawings look almost sophisticated. try it. you'll want to tape everything to everything else.

Anonymous said...

is it still a poster if you frame it? i have used that strategy in the past.

i was excited to check out the "know other people" poster in that set, but for some reason the graphic is a white hand crushing the earth. bummer! your bicycle selection is definitely my favourite. super cute.