Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Steve Martin and Me

I want to say several things quickly. Most of those things have something to do with Steve Martin and/or tentative plans.

First, I don't know what's up with Steve Martin. I want to love him, but I have a hard time making it happen. I didn't really like his over-the-top performance in 30 Rock last week. It was too much! Most of his recent performances have been too much! I remember loving him dearly, so Michael and I have tentative plans to watch L.A. Story to see if we can rekindle the feeling.

Second, I was thinking about The Jerk (starring Steve Martin) because Zoe and Dan were talking about it, and that reminded me of the song You Belong to Me. I tracked it down and I thought I would post the clip here because it's my dad's birthday and he loves this song too. Don't you want to gobble up Bernadette Peters? And what about the trumpet? And Steve Martin's reaction to the trumpet?

Finally, while I was looking for that song, I found this:

It looks like I'm going to learn how to play the ukulele from a teacher named boozelele and it's all thanks to Steve Martin. That's the tentative plan anyway.


brie said...

Sean was really annoyed that the on screen rating on our digital cable box for "The Jerk" was only TWO STARS. He said something funny about that, but I can't remember so you'll just have to trust me that he cracked me up.

My interest in Steve Martin's comedic abilities took a nosedive with "Bowfinger" and he completely lost me with the screen adaption of "Shopgirl" and the horrible narration. BARF!

Jen said...

Happy birthday, Erin's dad!

The Jerk is a hazy delicious memory for me. I haven't seen it in ages, but I remember it very fondly. This clip reinforces that.

Also: ukelele! I wish I had kept it up. I might not be excellent at it, but I would have had 25 years to practice!

Bernadette Peters is so great. I was introduced to her through Annie, where she is mean and wicked. For her to overcome that first powerful childhood impression is an achievement!

Jen said...


I hadn't even watched that tutorial clip!

Bay Breeze and ukelele chords?

HELLO. That is incredible!

Anonymous said...

"He hates these cans! Stay away from the cans!"

Ahhh, there's my first laugh of the day. Now I can get to business.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just found a neat blog by an artist Elizabeth Perry who makes a drawing every day and posts it. Since I don't have a blog of my own, I have to hijack yours, Erin. :)

Erin C.

Erin Riley said...

Thanks for the link Erin. You know that you can write guest posts for Things Worth Making, right? Let me know what you think...