Friday, August 22, 2008

Guest post: Making sure it works for a long time

Wasn't that funny how I snuck Radiohead onto this, Erin's craft blog? !!?!?!??!??! I couldn't resist. And I have to reiterate: watching proficiency in rock makes me want to become more proficient in non-rock. No offense to rock, of course.

One of the things that I think is important to let yourself relax and focus on your ideas is to have tools that work. Growing up, every Halloween I watched my mom suffer at the foot of her sewing machine, with it's weird tension and bobbin problems, breaking needles and eating fabric. She always managed to make us really hot (and warm) costumes, but always in spite of the devilish machine.

The above is a photo of my sewing machine following a service. I have owned my sewing machine for 8 years or so, and have never had it serviced. I've never used it as much as I have in the past year and a half, but still! It was starting to act out a little, and I started to wonder whether a special love-up wasn't in order. I carted it off about a month ago in it's green case, and the whole thing was sort of reminiscent of taking our cat to the kennel before a vacation. Where was our beloved creature going for 10 days?! Would Those People be nice?

When I got it back, it had that test swatch still engaged, presser foot down, with every stitch that it can do in yellow thread one next to the other. Presumably it's a final tension check and not really that big of a deal, but I LOVED IT! It felt like a gold star or a seal or a stamp of approval - a sign that my machine was ready to face the world. Or rather, ready to face me and my random, well-intentioned demands!

Future plan: learning to do some basic servicing myself!

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sarah said...

I wish cats came home with a similar record of their fresh capabilities! Somehow.