Saturday, August 30, 2008

Guest post: Making cross-stitched gifts, and throwing yourself a bone too

My friend is getting married in two weeks. She's an old-timey kind of gal, and her husband's an old-timey kind of guy. In the best possible ways, they seem to keep things pretty simple, and don't worry too much about things that won't matter in a month, if you know what I mean. In other words, they're solid people for whom I have a great deal of time and affection! Love, people!

For their wedding present, I am cross-stitching them something. In trying to figure out what I was going to make, a lot of things came to mind, but the cross-stitch idea seemed the most appropriate because it suits them, it will fit in at their house, and they will appreciate the effort. Over the years I have given hand made things to people who don't recognize the EFFORT. Sorry, people who didn't realize it, but those days are over! Not only is a lot of time involved, but you're putting your body on the line a bit more when you have to hold a hoop or needles or whatever for dozens of hours.

Enter my newest friend. The stitching frame! This great birthday present (thank you Mom!) has only just been assembled, but I can already feel the relief, and I'm sure next time I go for a massage, I won't get as many sighs and grumbles as my massage-guy goes in under my arm where all of that tension from HOLDING SOMETHING UP AND STILL for hours goes. I mean, check that out people. That wooden arm IS INSTEAD OF MY OWN ARM!



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Good for you! I need a similar sort of thing for holding up a book; I'm always reading outside in a chair and using my hand to hold a 400 page book open. My chiropractor is not pleased with the hand cramping it gives me!

Erin C.