Friday, November 09, 2007

The new mayor in town

Michael is the new mayor of Rock Club. Actually, he's been mayor for some time now. While he decided on a clever theme right away, he's failing to set a date for the big event. I don't mind, as I have no idea what I'm going to bring. I'm posting his Back to the future inspired theme below so you can help me brainstorm. Of course, you shouldn't tell me to change parts of my life or anything, but maybe you can tell me what song you would bring so I can copy you.

In my mayoral universe, I’d like to see how we rockers might respond to the realization of my favorite sci-fi scenario (and second, maybe third, favorite mutant ability) – time travel. Here is my challenge for the upcoming rock club:

You’ve been given keys to the Delorian together with ample supplies of plutonium and a functional flux capacitor. Marty has briefed you on the dangers of carelessly toying with the spacetime continuum. Satisfied that you understand the risks, Marty has approved your request for a “pre-present” personal intervention. That is, he has authorized you to travel back in time so that you may attempt to alter the outcome of a single decision/scenario that took place in your life in the past. You’ve been given the opportunity to remedy a regret, right a wrong, or otherwise improve on something you did or did not do in the past. However, as Marty has explained to you, the only tool your present self can use to exert influence over your past self is, well, music – specifically, a well timed song to be played by your present self in the presence of your past self. The “Dobler” effect has been shown to exert only minimal stress on the fabric of spacetime while at the same time offering surprisingly efficacious results. Duly warned and boom-box equipped, you have been given clearance for your 88 mph departure…

Where, and when are you going? What are you going to try and change? Most importantly, what song are you taking with you?


robyn. said...

this is a tricky one! i've had some serious thinking time and haven't come up with much.

i think i would go back to when i was in grade 6 (or maybe 7). all the way back to 1991. a girl named stephanie offered me her headphones so i could listen to her walkman. i declined and missed out on hearing smells like teen spirit.

unfortunately at the time, the friends i was hanging out with were listening to the whole soft rap/r&b/colour me bad/boys to men/jodeci vibe. which i was never really in to and it would take another 2/3 years before i discovered music that uses excessive guitar and such.

so, i choose to save myself a couple years of musical disgruntlement by listening to smells like teen spirit when it was first released, instead of the new boys to men single.

Unknown said...

We were talking about this a month ago and I still can't think of an answer. It's the kind of question that makes my world implode.