Monday, April 23, 2007

Update city

I went to Vancouver and I'm happy with how the whole thing went down: I sat in the ferry's private (i.e. peaceful) lounge on the way to Vancouver; I almost finished my very first crossword puzzle with a lot of help from Lydia and a little bit from Ben (I only had hard clues left at that point in the trip); I had a wheat-free, dairy-free picnic with Lydia, Brie and Sarah R and was shocked to hear that Brie hadn't been in Queen E park since she was a little girl; I ate Bert's pancakes with Michael; I didn't buy a cupcake from Picnic because Uncle Bruce made chocolate cupcakes with Irish Cream icing that filled my craving; I scoured every store on Main Street with Cheryl; I may have overstayed my welcome at Motherland (that Main Street clothing store I worked at briefly); I ate triple threat (cheap, big, good) sushi with Marla, Lydia and Kelly at some late hour; I slept in three different beds; I hung out with some cats; I sneezed a lot; I fell asleep on a city bus; AND I met Jen on the ferry and ate drive-thru fries in her mom's car on the way home.

The only bad part was the mega-construction/road work. Main Street smells like tar. Cambie Street looks like Armageddon. The insides of the city were exposed on Granville Street, but that actually looked pretty cool:

If you want to see a few pictures with people in them, I'm trying to get back on the Flickr train; check out the link over there on the right side of the screen. Mom, it's at the bottom of the list of links.

Today I started my first unofficial day of work (my first official day in the office is next Monday), and my first task involves compiling trivia about BC for a website database. Did you know that in 1890, Nelson was the biggest city between Vancouver and Winnipeg? True story. I love how a full-time job feels like a holiday after that last semester of school. My four-day work-week fantasy almost seems unnecessary right this minute.


Anonymous said...

hey, did you know that the world's tallest totem pole is in Alert Bay, BC? you can include that in your trivia if you like. there was a taller totem pole in the Victoria harbour a few years back (made specifically to beat the Alert Bay pole) but it was very controversial and had to be chopped in to several smaller pieces. ha! so the Alert Bay one is still the tallest!

Erin Riley said...

I just added it to the list (after confirming it in the Encyclopedia of BC)!

brie said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Erin! Tokyo is friggin' AMAZING. You and Michael should plan a trip ;)

Hey---it's your bday soon isn't it, Taurus?