Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I'm too overwhelmed to write about our action-packed holidays. For now, before I run to my web-design class, let me say that Michael and I are thankful to have such great families. We spent Christmas with my family in Victoria (sans Shannon and Chris) and New Years with Michael's family in La Paz, Mexico.


Alex said...

Hi Erin its Alexander; Robyns partner. I like your blog photos and I especially like the way Micheal always seems to be making a face. I bet his teachers despaired of him when it was class photo day. Anyway I am a poser too! I would be grateful if you patronised my (with assistance from Robyn) new blog as I have only had 3 customers so far. The link can be found on Robyns blog. If you do go on it I will be able to tell you the secret to become the Mayoress of Victoria!

robyn. said...

is it wrong to be a bit embarrassed?

i look forward to more pictures of your trip!