Friday, January 19, 2007

Did I stutter?

Before Christmas I was having a conversation with Michael about how I don't like parodies. It was a sweeping statement that was brought on by Weird Al Yankovic. Strangely, later that day I searched YouTube for the video of a song called Stutter Rap. I performed this song as an airband when I was 12 or 13 with a few girlfriends in Rosetown (I remember Marla was in the "band," but who else? I don't recall). We had no idea what the song was about, but we performed it with zeal during the annual airband competition at the arena. Yes, there was such a competition in Rosetown. We didn't win, but at least I found the video 14 years after the fact. I also found out that the song is a parody of the Beastie Boys. How 'bout that? It's worth watching, if only to imagine the airband version.

Another funny thing about this song is one of the "rappers" - Tony Hawks - wrote a book called Round Ireland with a Fridge, which my Ireland family gave me a few years back. It's hilarious, as you can imagine, and I highly recommend it.

Look forward to an upcoming post about a new tentative plan of mine: respect people's recommendations.


Melissa said...

You know what...I actually remember that. I remember going to the Rosetown arena and watching you in an airband. I think it was a Girl Guides night. Your mom was a leader and she took all the Girl Guides to see you. You guys were wearing black hats.

It's amazing the memories you can dig out once reminded of them.

Erin said...

indeed! i forgot that we were wearing black hats until you reminded me. i think i was wearing a giant t-shirt and a black vest too. i love that you remember!

Melissa said...

Yup. I remember the black vest. I'm also recalling memories of airbands at school too. Did you perform in an airband at the school? But to a different song maybe?

Where are these memories coming from?