Monday, October 01, 2012

Half way there

You guys, I haven't cheated. Er, I accidentally ate a small potato in some chicken soup from Alderlea Farm, but other than that, I've stayed true to the Whole 30 diet for the last 15 days. You want to know how? Michael. I would have quit 10 times over if it wasn't for 1) Michael organizing our meals and 2) Michael convincing me to keep going even though I wanted to eat ice cream to comfort myself during some tough days with Lady Clara. That second bit has been the biggest challenge, by far. That, and a poorly timed break from coffee (to see if it helps with Clara's sleep).

Physically, I'm still feeling good. I'm totally satisfied by our meals, and I can fit into a lot of my pre-Clara clothes (well, the some of the tops will have to wait until I'm done nursing). I'm not really worried about the next 15 days, but I'll have to deal with Thanksgiving and some out-of-town visitors; I'll let you know how it goes.

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