Wednesday, December 28, 2011

34 weeks

Well, here I am showing a little more skin than I would have expected. While pregnant. In December. Et cetera. This pool is at the hotel where we spent Christmas and where we'll be departing from tomorrow. I wanted to swim in it every day, but I only managed to make it happen on Christmas Day. The lovely bath, on the other hand, got a little more use.

Michael and I planned this trip to Vancouver as a last hurrah. I've been feeling a little too uncomfortable to live up to the original vision, but it has been lovely all the same. We've seen some of our best buddies (inlcuding a couple of the cutest kids), we both bought fancy new shoes and we (finally) ate at Bao Bei.

It's not the same as celebrating the holidays with family, but I'll take it.


Zoe said...

Cute suit!

Erin said...

Thanks! It's not a suit for pregnant ladies, but it works. I worked up the nerve to wear it again tonight, so at least I used that pool more than once.