Wednesday, October 05, 2011

22 weeks

Michael took this photo on Sunday, and I've just been too dang lazy to post it until now. The belly may not seem much bigger, but trust me, it is. I can't wear my old pants anymore, so I bought some maternity pants last week, and I love them so much. Other than the new pants, I've been wearing jersey dresses, and they've been serving me just fine, but I'm unsure how long I'll be able to keep up it up with the tights and leggings. Will they keep me warm in the winter? Will I have trouble putting them on and taking them off when my belly gets bigger? Will Michael need to help me with the ungraceful task? I'll keep you posted.


Jesse Gray said...

Shouldn't this no longer be a "tentative plan" and move on to a "thing worth making"?


Erin Riley said...

Har har.

Erin Coulter said...

You look great here! You have the expectant mother glow and not the greenish tinge some of my pregnant friends had!