Monday, May 23, 2011

On Miranda July

There's a lot of love for Miranda July these days, and I'm bursting with my share. Her second movie, The Future, will be released this summer (though I suspect I will have to wait a little longer since I doubt it will come to Victoria movie theaters).
Did you see her first movie, Me and you and everyone we know? A few times? Maybe you read Nobody Belongs Here More Than You, her collection of short stories? Or maybe you have a copy of Learning to Love You More in your bathroom (I gave my copy to my parents, but I have tentative plans)? Did you post her short film, Are you the favorite person of anybody? on your blog? Or -- last one -- do you revisit her treatise on why you should vote before every election? Did you share it on your work's social networking site? And were you thrilled when a few people you've never met "liked" it?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're probably a fan of Miranda July too. Or maybe you answered no to all of the questions because you've never heard of Miranda July before, but now you're intrigued. If that's the case, you can take this diagnostic test to see if you should watch her latest movie. And while you're at that website, you should probably sign up to get your future divined every week.
P.S. I would like a copy of this poster.


nicola said...

Haha, so awesome. Thanks for all the links - I loved Miranda's first movie and I'm really looking forward to the next one now! (BTW, I went and got my future from her website: "What is cloven? Butts, yes, but also hooves. Also clovers. All these things are lucky and so are you today." So perfect!)

Erin R said...

Oh man, that is a great fortune.

Sarah said...

Erin! Your heap of links inspired me to track down the first place I remember seeing Miranda July-- her movie chainletters in Team Dresch album notes, that I never sent in for/to. They still aren't streaming online or anything, but this cute little video about the chainletters just made my night. Hope it is fun for you too, if you haven't see it. Circle of links!

Erin R said...

Thanks, Sarah! I've seen a few interviews with MJ, but I've never seen her this happy. I remember hearing about J4J, but I had no idea what it was.

brie said...

Links! Thanks for compiling all these links Erin. As you know, I am a fan (though maybe not as rabid as you!) and I am pretty excited about The Future---both the movie and the moment in time. Her honey, Mike Mills (not the dude from REM), also has a movie coming out that looks pretty sweet as well.