Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vancouver holiday

We went to Vancouver a while back, and I meant to share some photos with you. The new job has gotten in the way, friends. Also the new iPhone. I've been overwhelmed by a number of things, is what I'm trying to say. Even though life continues to be overwhelming, I do plan to continue with the blogging. I love this space, even though I'm often confused with why I bother.

But back to Vancouver. We ate one of Michael's favorite cookies (a Linzer from Meinhardt):

We had a close look at some of the public art of the Vancouver Biennale (this guy is from Wang Shugang’s The Meeting):

We biked around the sea wall in Stanley Park, which we never did when we lived in Vancouver:

Most importantly, we visited friends, including a new baby friend. It was a lovely Labour Day weekend.


Zoe said...

Barf michael, I hate linzer cookies, and on a totally different note, they make some at our fancy bakery up here that look DELICIOUS (if you're into that barfy kind of thing). Just in case you two felt like you needed a better reason than my adorableness to come visit.

Also: I don't know why you blog either Erin, but I sure do love reading the little updates you leave around here. So maybe that's why. Maybe you do it for me.

Erin Riley said...

Not all linzer cookies are created equal, Zoe. This one is exceptional, and now it is my mission to make you try it.

P.S. Your theory of why I blog is dead on.

Zoe said...

I knew it. Feel free to refer to me as your muse.

Also, I believe you, that not all linzer cookies are created equal. I'm sure they come in a range of barfiness. Did I tell you about the time my dad put jam between the layers of my birthday cake and I pitched a crying fit complete with shrieky declarations of "you ruined my birthday!"? ... (um, punctuation fairy? could you help me out here?)

So yeah, I am not really a jam-with-baking fan. Just saying.