Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two sets of parents!

When our parents come to visit, we like to show off our scenic vistas:

Michael's parents came first for the May long weekend, and my parents just left us on Sunday. Both visits were so much fun! We toured the Cowichan Valley, we hiked up Mount Work, we went to the Highland Games, we watched the Snow Birds from the harbour, we fixed the barbecue, we used the barbecue and we ate great food.

We were a little bit worried about having so many house guests within a short period of time, but Marc and Jen were gracious. I think they understood the reality of our potential visitors before we moved in together. I hope so, anyway.


Jen said...

Hi! We knew! And it was fun! And now we can lie around a little!

So many home projects were successfully completed too! You have practical generous parents who are also fun!

Angie said...

We also have had house guests. And we have playdates at 15 Wing (CFB Moose Jaw) weekly, which often results in a free Snowbird show. So our recent days have been rather similar, haven't they?

Nice to read you are enjoying home ownership. Your photos are lovely. I am very jealous of your growing zone - though things are greening up here a lot. But gardening in the early parts of March is VERY appealing. :)

Erin Riley said...

"And now we can lie around a little!"

And how!

Erin Riley said...

Angie - I'm happy to hear we're having similar times! We're enjoying the house, but we don't own it. Victoria prices are too crazy, so that's why we're trying to be creative. So far, so good!