Tuesday, April 13, 2010

California on Flickr

So, photos: the best way to share the finer details of our trip, I think.

The two photos below were a little tricky to include in the photo set, however, since they require a bit of an explanation.

1. This is a 1985 photo of Guns N' Roses at Canter's, an amazing Jewish deli in L.A.:

2. This is a half-assed recreation of the photo featuring cousin Bob Bowen, Michael, me, Shannon and Chris:

It's my kind of family photo.

Thanks for recommending the deli, Brie! In addition to the photo opportunities, the blintzes and the latkes were beyond.


brie said...

I think it's an awesome family photo. I very much enjoyed the rest of the pictures on your Flickr! I love California.

Erin Riley said...

Thanks Brie, and thanks for your enthusiastic comments on the photos. You should go to the Madonna Inn, for sure.

Unknown said...

you make a good Axl Rose.

chavacita said...


chavacita said...