Thursday, July 26, 2007

Marry me

The summer started out with nary a wedding in sight: Sarah and Galen were out of the way with their April wedding, and Nathan and Cindy aren't even a speck on the horizon with an October wedding. That changed a couple of weeks ago, when Shannon and Chris announced they were getting married in Seattle in, well, a couple of weeks. Shannon prefers not to use the word wedding, but I don't know what else you can call it. Family members traveled from far and wide. Chris and Shannon picked out special outfits and the families donned their finery. There were flowers and rings and a judge and tears. That's a wedding! And as far as weddings go, this one was beautiful. The only thing missing was long, awkward toasts to the bride and groom. I'm saving those for my trip to San Francisco next week; the trip was planned in advance of the wedding announcement, but I'm glad that I get to see them so soon after the big day. Especially because two nights in Seattle didn't leave a lot of time for really connecting. That'll surely come with the drunken toasts.

Check out the rest of my wedding pictures here.


Anonymous said...

Loved looking at the wedding pictures! Shannon looks FABuLOUS! We especially love the "rock star" one. And we absolutely love Shannon's dress! YAY!

(barb & marla)

Anonymous said...

The wedding looks lovely! Great snaps Erin - I really like your outfit. Weddings are so interesting - everyone does it their own way. This one seemed very "Shannon and Chris".

Erin C.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Shannon and Chris!
They look fantastico.

robyn. said...

what fantastic news!

chavacita said...

Thanks for posting cutie pie! I'm so happy we all got together for our little event;)
I love the picture of you looking at mom while the 3 of us talk - is that a 'Michael' photo? He's the best candid photographer I know!

brie said...

So cute! Congratulations to your sister and her new hubby. And have fun in SF---you really have to try Dottie's True Blue Cafe (522 Jones Street---I have the address MEMORIZED). Please have the french toast and think of me. So delish.