Monday, December 04, 2006

Pierogies 101

Pierogies are Ukrainian dumplings also know as perogi, perogy, piroghi, pirogi or pyrohy. My baba gave me her recipe a few years ago, and I've been meaning to make them ever since; I've helped her make them before, but I never made them on my own. Until now. On Friday, Lydia, Robyn, Ananda and Michael joined me in fulfilling one of my original tentative plans.

First we bought groceries and made THREE different fillings (two too many):
1) potato/basil/pinenut/parmesan
2) sweet potato/mushroom/onion/swiss
3) yam/leek/smoked gouda

Then we made TWO different kinds of dough (my baba's dough and another kind from a Rebar recipe). They were both pretty much the same. We also drank some wine because making pierogies takes a long time, and rolling the dough is hard work.

Our pieogies were too doughy (i.e. too thick) at first, but we got better at streching out the dough as we went. Baba says we'll be able to make them with our eyes closed soon enough.

We have a small kitchen, so it was a very cozy affair.

Robyn boiled all of the pierogies. She's committed!

This is the sweet potato filling. The filling was good on its own, but didn't make for a tasty pierogi - the potato/basil pierogi was the most popular.

We all ate too many pierogies and felt sick by the time the night was over. Even so, it was a success. Thanks for the inspiration Baba! We froze some of the best pierogies for your approval at Christmas.


brie said...

Mmmmm, I'm jealous! I wish you still lived below us! Homemade, fresh perogies are the BEST. Soooo yummy.

I love the cozy kitchen photo where your face is right there in the front! Cute.

Anonymous said...

Erin! I've been craving perogies for months, but they are nowhere to be found. You've inspired me to make borscht in the past, so hopefully within a few months I'll be motivated enough to make them on my own. But is it possible to buy the dough ready-made?

Anonymous said...

congratulations! i'm a proud ukrainian today! and hope some day i can taste those delicious basil ones...yum! my mom went to the ukrainian hall this weekend to get some cabbage rolls and sausage at their sale, so there'll be some good eats this holiday season.

robyn. said...

that was such a fun night! i need to make some more dough so i can finish off the left over filling.

Anonymous said...

You are such a good ohyka!
(look that up in your Ukranian-English dictionary)