Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Academic closure

Things have been happening, but I guess the biggest thing that has happened is my graduation ceremony. It took place last Tuesday, but I've been busy with family, so I forgot to tell you.

I've been telling people that it was a lot like church, except at one point I had to bow in front of this guy sitting in a throne and he tapped me on the head with his velvet hat. Actually, that sounds a lot like church too. Anyway, it wasn't what I expected. I didn't even get to shake anyone's hand. And my degree wasn't rolled up with a red ribbon.

So it wasn't my vision, but I'm glad I went because it provided closure. It was also pretty cool to see my parents and my Baba in the front row of the auditorium.


robyn. said...

well done you! graduation is like church, but without the singing. did you have someone 'important' give a speech? i had a female, canadian astronaut. i don't remember what she said.

brie said...

I shook someone's hand at my graduation---the Chancellor, maybe? It was weird. A lot of sitting. Then a lot of worrying about tripping on my way up to shake the guy's hand. Plus awkwardly holding the big folder that held my diploma.

Our speaker was Nancy Greene and all she talked about was how awesome it would be if Vancouver got the Olympic bid. Boo! I was so mad.

You look cute in your photo, Erin! Cute and ready to take on the world in your awesome shoes.

sarah said...

Yay Erin!!! Commencement is such a weird day. I remember feeling so happy and so scared because it meant I didn't get to be in school anymore. Eeeeek! I had a line of hands to shake when I got up to the stage... and then one of our instructors was crying and hugging everyone. I guess it is a little bit different than uni, because there were not as many of us.

My mom was really annoyed with me that day because I insisted on wearing hot pink and black checkered Vans. But I told her that since I had put in all the hard work and $$$, that I was going to do it my way. I was glad I did, because walking up the stairs was so not a problem. :)

Erin Riley said...

No one spoke at my grad! What a rip off!

Anonymous said...

Erin, I was all set to find you a substitute speech at the project that gets my vote for best name, Fly Little Bird, but sadly they seem to be having technical trouble. Some day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Congrats! It's official - you have jumped through the last hoop. Start looking forward to loan payments and pleas for donations from the UVic alumni association.

Erin C.