Thursday, April 30, 2009

Making a time-line with clothes pins and photos

[via Lydia Fizz]

I wrote about the time-line Michael and I were working on last month, and now that the wedding has taken place, I can show you the final product. Each photo was clipped with a little white slip of paper with the corresponding date and location. Michael and I put this together at home, numbered the photos once we got the order straight and asked our friends Sarah and Galen to put it up before the wedding. They done good!

[via Lydia Fizz]

They also hung our RSVP postcards in the same fashion. I'm not sure who came up with idea to ask for postcards in response to our invitations, but I really love how this project panned out. Sure, not everyone sent one, but the cards we did get were representative of all of our friends and family. Also, receiving cute messages during the lead up to the Big Event was good for the anticipation.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tropical times

After that last post I got on a roll and put the honeymoon photos on Flickr. This new computer is definitely helping me achieve my tentative plans.

Hawaiians don't flush sticks down the toilet

I think this sign... more effective than this sign...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Making pineapple salsa

You should be able to figure out how to make this from the list of ingredients. I know I'm going to try, now that I'm back from Hawaii, where they make some good food out of their tropical resources. Another thing I could buy there that I don't think I can buy here are the black bean Kettle tortilla chips. I'm pretty sure those are beyond my kitchen skills.

More wedding photos, but still no reflection

You (Lydia) asked for more photos, and now you've got 'em.

You can find my Flickr photos here. I took some of these photos, but really we have my mom and my Uncle Stephen to thank for most of them. Shannon is going to upload some of her photos to my account in the near future, so keep your eye out for some updates.

You can find Shane's Flickr photos here. In addition to being a generous friend by letting us have our wedding in his beautiful coffee shop, he also takes a great photo, including some dance floor shots from the balcony.

You can find Lydia's Flickr photos here. Lydia was super smart and took photos of the food and decorations, which no one else thought to take. Thanks again buddy!

We didn't have a photographer, as you might have figured out, and I'm happy with that choice. That said, I'm bummed that certain people didn't turn up in more photos, especially those people that left early because their babies weren't up for the dancing. Also, our posed family photos leave something to be desired, but they are in character, and maybe that's best.

Now that I'm back on the Flickr bandwagon, we'll see about actually posting the honeymoon photos, and maybe even the Europe photos from last August. Yes, that is still on my list of tentative plans.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summer album of 2009?

A new album from Camera Obscura is out tomorrow. What a lovely surprise! Also, it's fun that I've been to some of those Parisian locales featured in the video.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We arrived at our cottage on Kauai yesterday afternoon, and I'm still marveling about how all of the windows are open, were open all night long. It's the most pleasant temperature inside and out. Did I tell you that the shower is outside? Along with a bathtub? Can you guess what I plan to do after writing this post?

Since the windows were open all night, it was also pretty noisy in here, what with the palms blowing in the wind, the periodic rain showers and the crickets (or the cricket-like creatures) followed by the myriad of birds early this morning (including more than a few crowing roosters).

Michael slept through the beautiful racket, but not me. I was busy adding my own sounds to the chorus: coughing and nose blowing. I never mentioned in my last post that as soon as we left the wedding I came down with a cold. Seriously, it hit me the second we left Habit, and Michael ended up buying me cold medication in the middle of the night (he's got the in sickness part down). I'm feeling better than that first night, and you know what? I don't really mind being sick in Hawaii.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Michael and I got married!

The wedding ceremony and the following cocktail party were both more amazing (this word was chosen deliberately) than we could have imagined possible, but I don't have time to write about it before we leave for our holiday in Hawaii. There will be more photos and some reflection soon, I promise.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Guest post: Making record time

Well, I've officially made a quilt top in two weeks of very casual working pace. I suspect much of the newly experienced construction accuracy and speed can be attributed to my own personal discovery of the assembly line. Hey, Henry Ford! I can see where you were going with that.
It is quilt top #6 for me, and I plan on tying it and binding it at some point in the near future. As it gets warmer it gets clearer that quilting isn't really a summer I'm going to try to wrap it up sooner rather than later. It's for my sister, who hopefully doesn't read this website...if she does and I'm a knob for this horse/cart behaviour...hi Sus! Check out your birthday present!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I haven't named it, yet

Friends, meet my new computer:

I haven't had my very own computer for over 11 years, and the only reason why I had that first laptop was because I won it. I'm still not even sure how I won it, but the University of Alberta gave it to me, and I remember watching the complimentary Weezer video for Buddy Holly and thinking wow, technology is incredible. The computer was almost as good as a TV!

Anyway, it's 2009 and I decided to invest my tax refund in a computer/my relationship. Now I won't be annoyed with Michael when he uses his computer for work, god forbid, and he won't be annoyed with me when I take his computer to my car co-op meetings. Or when I play Scramble while he waits to watch an episode of 30 Rock. That sort of thing.*

Also, I can take more photos of this nature:

Hopefully these photos get more flattering as time goes on, but I like this one because it captures my fear of learning how to use a Mac.

*I jest.