Friday, September 29, 2006

I love beautiful girls too

I just read the interview with Amy Poehler, of Saturday Night Live fame, and I feel a little emotional. It's very funny, inspiring and all around wonderful, just like Bust (most of the time). Here is a little quote that addresses a particular issue that I have mused about with friends recently: the softcore porn that American Apparel uses as advertising.

We were just talking about those American Apparel ads. They're fucking gross, man. Look, I love beautiful girls too. I think everyone should be free to have their knee socks and their sweaty shorts, but I'm over it. I'm over this weird, exhausted girl. I'm over the girl that's tired and freezing and hungry. I like bossy girls, I always have. I like people filled with life. I'm over this weird media thing with all this, like, hollow-eyed, empty, party crap. I don't know, it seems worse than ever, but maybe it's just because we're getting old.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Borscht first, then perogies

Michael and I made borscht last night! While I've promised my Baba that I'll make perogies one day, I decided to start with borscht (an easier project) to get the ball rolling. Also, we had some of Baba's borscht when we were home this summer and it was so good we needed to have it again. I got the recipe for this deli-style borscht out of the Joy of Cooking and it tasted just like Baba's. And it was easy to make - the only thing that took a long time was cutting up the beets.
Ananda brought us flowers in exchange for soup. A good deal all around.

I also got a wonderful new haircut from a wonderful new hairdresser. Robyn said it may be the best haircut I've ever had and I think I may agree - I feel like a new woman.

Here's a shot from the back, because that's the most significant change:

All in all, a successful weekend thanks to satisfying food and less hair. Honourable mentions go to excellent fall weather, improving health, hot toddies and fun times with gracious hosts Sarah and Galen.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Crazy dream world fantasy

I'm currently wrapped up in a blanket on my couch - feeling sorry for myself and thinking of all the wonderful things I could do if I wasn't sick. One thing I would do is go to St. Louis, Missouri. I just read this article about City Museum and I really want to go RIGHT now, just like the article tells me to. It sounds like a crazy dream world fantasy museum. I am officially starting a new list called tentative trips, and a trip to this museum is currently tentative trip number two. Number one is a trip to San Francisco in the spring, but maybe I can convince Shannon to meet me in St. Louis instead. I want to climb around on recycled industrial rebar! Who doesn't?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don't know

While recovering from a cold and a weekend trip to Vancouver, I found myself drinking tea and staring intently at this picture on our fridge:

The choices offered by David Shrigley have me stumped, but I think I like the wolfman best.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Flower? Jellyfish? Spacecraft?

Many of the pictures that I've posted on this site were taken by Michael, but as you know I've been trying to take more photos too. I took this one on Sunday.

Stress is the word

Lately I have been living up to my blogger profile description: some people think I'm laid back but other people know better. It's becoming more and more apparent that I might have a little problem with anxiety. My life isn't that stressful, but hey, I'm a Taurus and I like stability. Changing my life around every four months, which is what I've done for the last couple of years, isn't exactly my kind of stable. The fact that I'm in school for another two years makes me a little nervous, so I figure I need to be proactive in handling the resulting stress. Are you with me? I'm going to outline my tentative plans for coping with the upcomging school-related stress, mostly so I remember them, but feel free to comment and tell me your tactics too.

Live in Victoria
Easy. This city is very peaceful, as is the UVic campus (even with the construction right outside the library window, where I'm currently hanging out), and it has already done wonders for my peace of mind. I just have to make time for walks by the sea and a frolic or two with the campus bunnies (I'm talking about real rabbits here).

Exercise three times a week
Sounds easy, but isn't. Do you exercise three times a week? Do you really? I have plans to go to yoga on Sundays (yes, I went yesterday) and to the gym on Tuesdays and Fridays. The yoga is especially good because it includes a half hour of meditation and I plan to start running at the gym so I can burn off nervous energy.

Have a massage once a month
Easy. The UVic health plan covers this, so I obviously need to take advantage. I just need to find a good massage therapist now. Any suggestions, Victoria friends?

Try not to eat things that end up in a trip to the ER
Not so easy when your body changes its mind every five days. I have many minor problems with my body, most of which are probably a result of my stressful state. I've mentioned my stomach issues in this blog before now, and Michael and I have come to the conclusion that they result from anxiety. Until this particular issue clears up, I can't eat raw veggies or pistachios (damn you pistachios!) unless I want to feel like I'm dying. According to one web source, my sensitivity to these foods should go away after a few days of giving my stomach a break, but I'm not sure I want to test this theory out. I'm not sure Michael wants me to test it out either. I also have plans to read the book When the Body Says No to help me understand my body a little more. Shannon and I are reading it together as a long-distance sisterly book club activity. Feel free to join, if you like - I've been told that this book will change your life.

Take weekends off
Sounds easy, but isn't. I only have school three days a week, so I am going to try my best to get my school work done on my free days so I can take weekends off. I need two days off to do many important things. For instance, this weekend Michael and I are going to Vancouver for an adventure (Lydia, we need to make some plans!), but other important plans include reading books that aren't related to political science, listening to Saturday radio on CBC, updating my blog and staring blankly into space.

That's what I've come up with so far. Give me your thoughts.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I took four of these photos

As you can see, Raissa, Imti, Michael and I got up to many adventures last week. The only pictures that might need explaining are those two of Imti: He was riding on this weird playground toy that spins you around. After you get out of it you try and walk around and you fall down. Genius.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Visiting hours are over

The last of our summer guests left today and I'm trying to adjust to university once again. I feel drained. My stomach is still on the fritz and I miss all of my buddies who came to visit over the summer. Shannon! Jillian! Mom! Dad! Stephen! Averil! Brie! Imti! Raissa! Lydia! Why don't you all live here? Don't you like Victoria? Don't you want to come over for some apple crisp tonight? Don't plan on sleeping over, though, because Michael and I are excited to sleep with our door open tonight.

P.S. Thanks for loaning us your futon, Jillian. It's been well used.

P.P.S. West Jet tried to call me regarding the letter I sent, but I wasn't home and they haven't tried again. I'll keep you posted.