Monday, June 16, 2008

Not so smart car

The Victoria Car Share Co-op has a new Smart Car. I've always thought these cars were kind of silly because they do not fulfill my vehicle needs, such as moving medium to large objects, transporting more than two people and/or enabling a road trip (this last one is debatable, but I know I wouldn't feel safe traveling at high speeds in such a little thing).

Still, Michael and I were excited to try one out, as were my folks, so we made a special trip to Dockside Green (where the car is parked) while they were in town. We took turns driving around the block.

I still think Smart Cars are silly, even though they're more spacious than they appear. In addition to confirming the concerns listed above, I discovered one more quibble during the test drive: the pseudo-manual nature of the car. You have to shift this car into different gears, even though there is no clutch.

Billy Brown (Vincent Gallo in Buffalo 66) and I are on the same page when it comes to manual cars. We only drive cars that shift themselves.


Anonymous said...

oh! This is exciting! I've been wanting to check out the Smart car!

I work in Oak Bay, where Smart cars are all over the place! Not having driven one, I think the idea of smart cars is great for second cars, or single people, or people who really don't haul anything ever (see: much of Oak Bay). Also, anything that gets people thinking that they don't need huge cars when they really don't! Maybe they're just going to end up being expensive transitional vehicles as people Figure It Out.

That would be great!

Also, it's not that weird yellow! Sweet!

sarah said...

I never really understood the concept of the Smart car either. It's just too tiny to be useful. How could I fit crap from Costco in that thing? I think my car is still pretty small and it is very fuel efficient... it's the next best thing to a hybrid I suppose.

Anonymous said...

what i always liked about the idea of smart cars is that instead of designing for occasional maximum uses (costco, camping, etc), they were designed for a specific, common use (commuting). they are like polyamorous cars: expecting you to get different needs met in different places, instead of counting on one monogamous car for everything all the time.

they seem like maybe a weird co-op car though... i think of co-ops as the place to handle occasional affairs with hauling or group trips, not the place to find a primary commuting partner. (you know? that whole colwood crawl should be smart car type vehicles, but i can't think of many ways to use a smart car as a supplement.)

Anonymous said...

i believe you mean luxury cars...

Anonymous said...

I don't get the Smart Car, expect for novelty. I'm with you - if I need a car, it's because I'm making a trek to Home Depot/Costco/IKEA or I'm going camping or something. You can't put a baby seat in them either. I'd rather get a Hondo Civic or a Mini if I was in the market for a small car. Michael does look pretty cute in it though!

Erin C.