Thursday, July 17, 2014

Multigenerational Living

I'm here to tell you Michael and I bought a house with my parents, and I may or may not collect some thoughts about the experience. On this blog. You never know.

For starters, I love these tips from The New York Times, especially:
"Figure out what is family time, personal time and big extended family time. For instance, we like to all have dinner together a few nights a week but my daughter, husband and I still want a few nights just to ourselves."


brie said...

I'm super excited about this - for so many reasons! I hope that you'll have time to write about how things are going because I would be really interested to read all about it. Also, I can't wait to visit!

Erin Riley said...

Yay! There are lots of reasons to be excited! (When are you coming to Canada, next?)