Monday, January 30, 2012

39 weeks

After an excruciating chiropractor session that had me sweating, my back is feeling a little better. As a result, I've been busy doing more chores than I should be doing. Today I scrubbed our window sills with a toothbrush. This is how I nest. It's a slight improvement from the nesting that happened in my first trimester; I organized all of my photos and music on my computer. It's called electronic nesting, friends.


brie said...

The finish line is SO close! Incroyable! Depending on how things go here I may be back in May or June. We'll see. You'll be one of the first people I get in touch with. I already loved spending time with you, but with the additon of the bébé it's only going to get better. Wahoooo!

Unknown said...

Seriously? I also spent time the other night scrubbing my windowsills with a toothbrush. Ah, our wonderful damp climate.

Happy nesting! I hope you're enjoying your time at home.

chavacita said...

electronic nesting ha ha! You win!