Sunday, September 25, 2011

21 weeks

I can't promise that you won't tire of these photos and my increasingly limited wardrobe, but I'm going to stick to my guns and keep up with them for my own sake. And maybe the baby will want to see them one day?

This weekend Michael and I went to Rifflandia, a music festival in Victoria. Let's go to concerts while we still can, we said. Well, we had so much fun that I suspect we'll attend the day-time shows next year, with the baby in tow.

I'll share some of our favorite music later this week.


Zoe said...

I will not tire of these! You are adorable. Love the red.

chavacita said...

Babies love concerts - it's just harder for parents to run after them once they can walk;)

tommynomad said...

chavacita's right! We took ali to his music festival (WOMAD) when he was eight months old. He danced spontaneously for the first time, 20 minutes after we'd arrived. At one year he camped at WFF for a week and had a blast.

You look mahvelous!

robyn. said...

love the dress! looking good lady.