Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Making waffles (the basic kind)

So, I guess I'm documenting my birthday purchases today. I wrote about my new badminton set on Tentative Plans, and now I'm writing about my new waffle iron.

I've been planning to buy a waffle iron since March, but I got a little overwhelmed by my options. Sometimes the Internet is a little much with its product reviews. So last weekend I decided to trust my local kitchenware store, Muffet and Louisa, and buy the one they have in stock: the Chef's Choice Belgium Waffle Maker. We've used it once, and I like it.

The Internet seems to be really excited about waffle recipes (in addition to waffle iron reviews) -- I've recently read about different varieties on Orangette and Everyone Likes Sandwiches -- but I wanted to start with a basic recipe; that way I have a baseline by which to judge the other recipes. That's why I made the Joy of Cooking's basic waffle recipe on Sunday. I wasn't expecting much, even though Orangette's readers seemed to like it, but man. It was good. It was crisp and fluffy in all the right ways.

Michael ate his with maple syrup, pictured above (he couldn't wait to take a bite), and I had mine with Jen's strawberry jam, maple syrup and peanut butter. I did it up, friends.

Now I can branch out with my recipe experimentation. I think I'll start with my mom's pecan waffle recipe, which Michael is particularly fond of.


brie said...

Yum! We're big waffle fans at our place. For our anniversary one year I bought Sean a waffle iron and gave him the promise I'd make some for him. We'll have to try out these recipes! Mmmmmm!

chavacita said...

That is MY pecan waffle recipe. Ok well not really but I made it first. But it really is awesome and easy and protein dense. They are completely gluten free from the cookbook Eat well Feel well. I like serving them with a soft brie and homemade raspberry sauce. YUM!