Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bathroom window

I only have one picture for you today, and it's not a picture of the inside of our house. Instead, I'm sharing the view from our bath tub. I love me a bathroom window, especially when it comes with a magnolia tree right outside.

We've spent the last few nights by the fire, recuperating from our ambitious unpacking schedule and trying not to get sick. Soon we'll get to focus on the fun stuff, like gardening and house warming parties.


Erin Coulter said...

Lovely! Your place on Watson Street was the first "window in shower/tub" I experienced and I must say, I quite loved that. Nice for a bath too to have the outdoor sounds and a breeze coming through. I am deeply jealous that you have budding trees already!

Jesse Gray said...

Oh man, that is something I just love in a house. Presently we don't have a window in the bathroom, and it is.... sad.

The house I lived in when we first met had an amazing bathroom (well amazing everything, really, I wish I still lived there!) - you could lie in the claw-foot tub and look outside at bamboo in the yard and the rest of the view was sky. sigh.

More pictures of your new place, please!

brie said...

So far none of my Geneva apartments have had bathroom windows. In fact, I can only think of one that I viewed that did. What the heck, Switzerland???

robyn. said...

your new house looks awesome! loving the flickr photos, thanks for sharing buddy!

i hope i get to spend many a happy evening crafting and cooking and baking in your new house. i'll be back soon.