Sunday, November 08, 2009

Making frozen fast forward

Michael loves a graham cracker crust. I love a recipe with a good name. I also love getting advice from my mom. She told me to make Frozen Fast Forward from Company's Coming's Home for the Holidays when I asked her what to make for a dinner party. She left me the suggestion on my answering machine, telling me that the recipe was quick and that desserts in spring-form pans are always impressive. She was right.

This wasn't the kind of dessert that I would normally make (vanilla pudding and SKOR candy bars don't make many appearances in our house), but I thought it would be popular with the guests (who I don't know very well) -- especially the six-year-old in attendance; she inhaled her slice in seconds.

Thanks Mom!


Jen said...

Dinner party. At our earliest convenience!

A hint of vanilla, indeed!

Lydia said...

That sounds really awesome! I don't love graham cracker crusts, but vanilla pudding has proven itself in the Magnolia banana pudding recipe I excel at.

Next time you have to impress someone, make the chocolate pudding pie from Smitten Kitchen. OH MY GOD IT'S GOOD.