Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Summer schemes

As you'll see, the tentative plans that I fulfilled during the summer months weren't ambitious. Basically, they can be summed up with one tentative plan: take advantage of summer, already. I owe a lot to the amazing weather (don't be fooled by the toque in the camping photo) and a four day work week (I'm back to five days now, sadly). It also helped that I didn't have any big events looming over me (like, I don't know, a wedding or a trip to Europe).

Here's a sample of my accomplishments:

Go camping
. Check.

Make a smore. Check.

Eat a smore. Check.

Have a picnic in a park. Check.

Eat as much local produce as possible. Check.

Pick your own berries. Check.

Bike to work. Check.

Bike to work after your office moves, even though you have to bike through more traffic than you'd prefer (at least you can also bike over a trestle bridge). Check.

Kayak on the Gorge. Check.

Float on multiple lakes on an inflatable mattress. Check.

Go to the nude beach at Prior Lake. Check. (Lament the fact that Prior Lake is nothing like Wreck Beach. Check.)

Bike to Thetis Lake more than once. Check.

Go to the Saanich Fair. Check.

Wear sun block, but spend enough time outside that you also get a tan. Check.

Don't worry about writing about all of these things as they are taking place; there'll be plenty of time come September. Check.


Anonymous said...

You did lots! Good job! You wrung all you could out of summer 09; good for you. Maybe summer goals were go camping, go to a cottage, go sailing, and go to Toronto Island. I wanted to do all those things more than once but that didn't happen.

Erin C.

brie said...

Oh, BC in the summer. It is a treat. You did some really great things! And I'm so impressed you kept the goal to post about things later. I keep wrestling with that one.

chavacita said...

You didn't tell me you LOST your 4 day work week!!! I'm so sorry:( I am home today (Friday), catching up on your blog and I am supposed to be cleaning up after another dusty adventure....we'll see!

Erin Riley said...

Erin, I want to do all those things when we visit next summer. Think we can fit it in?

Shannon, I didn't lose my 4 day work week; it was a 10 week pilot to begin with. It sounds like they might offer something similar in December, though.