Thursday, November 06, 2008

Making pumpkin cookies

After eating some pumpkin cookies with maple icing at Victoria's Pure Vanilla bakery last week, I tried to replicate them this week. The actual cookies were similar, but the icing was harder to copy. I have a hard time with icing, but I really like what I ended up with.

The recipe: Iced Pumpkin Cookie Recipe from All Recipies. I used the brown butter icing recipe in this post from Bakerella (except I used real maple syrup instead of maple flavouring). I think those Pumpkin Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookies look pretty good too. Tentative plans!


Lydia said...

If you like pumpkin cookies, you have to try the pumpkin butterscotch cookies from Replace the butterscotch chips with chocolate chips. I've inspired at least 2 people to make and love them.

sarah said...

Erin, I didn't even realize these were different cookies. Well done, I think!