Sunday, September 09, 2007

Prairie girl?

I'm from Saskatchewan, but you'd never know it; I grew up in a farming community, but I don't know a thing about farming. I was a town kid, see. And while I spent many a day running around my buddies' farms, I never absorbed the smallest detail of farming life. My dad knows a bit more than me, and he's had the opportunity to see what harvest time is really like during the last couple of weeks. It's September and he's not in the classroom for the first time in a billion years. Instead of twiddling his thumbs at home, he's been helping the Sanderson family with this year's harvest. I'm sure the forced meditation that occurs during long days on the combine is serving him well.

My mom has been tied to the city because she has a job, unlike some people, but she's been able to spend a night or two at the farm too; I think she looks right at home.

I wish I had taken an active interest in agriculture when I was growing up in Rosetown. I guess this desire is connected to the recent focus on trends like the 100 Mile Diet and the importance of knowing where your food comes from. I attended the Saanich Fair with Zoe and Dan a couple of weeks ago, and I was happy to see Vancouver Island kids engaging agriculture through 4-H. When I have children, I will definitely encourage them to take part in this type of club. They will learn about food supply, and I'll be able to cuddle their pet sheep.


Anonymous said...

Wowee! Look at your parents! Your dad looks so happy to be hanging out on that JD 9600. That's a great way to spend an autumn - listening to CBC, drinking coffee and having someone bring you your meals in the field. I miss the farm and that great harvest smell :(

I was a 4-H kid and absolutely loved it. Not only did I get to spend time with horses and dogs (still my two fave animals) but I learned public speaking - a handy lifetime skill.

Erin C.

robyn. said...

it shocks and dismays me that every year during our healthy eating week when i ask the questions,

'where does milk come from?'

'where do eggs come from?'

most 4-5 year old children, at my school, reply 'tesco's!' the local supermarket.

i have a deep desire to grow my own vegatables. i want an allotment but all i have is a dying windowsill herb garden.

Anonymous said...

you're parents are really cute and coolm i love you buddy, xo

chavacita said...

I just made a sprouted lentil salad from the lentils that dad combined! Yummy! I'm going to make it again to share it with some of my workers. Then I can say 'my dad combined the lentils in this salad':)