Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Prepare yourselves

From this day forward I will only give gifts that have some sort of embroidery component:

Jenn and Tim's beautiful baby (Kaden!) received my first complete project, and I think he likes it. I think he'll like it even more when he grows into it. Shannon was wondering about the practicality of giving a baby a white bib. I see her point. I hear babies can be messy.

Embroidery has proven to be the perfect summer craft. I was looking for a portable option that wasn't knitting - something I could bring to coffee shops, beaches and crafting dates with ease. I considered cross stitch, but I don't have the patience for that right now. I visited Sublime Stitching after seeing an ad in Bust, and, after only a few days of hemming and hawing, I ordered some start-up supplies. Jenny Hart has starter packages to get you off the ground, but I opted to create my own package because I desired her brand new fancy book over a simple instruction manual. You can borrow it if you want.

It's good that I have a new craft on the go because I have a backlog of presents to address. Next up: baby gift number two. This one is for another Saskatchewan baby: Camron belongs to Angie and Ray. I hear he likes primary colours.


Unknown said...

Cute! The baby looks pretty good, too.

Was it you that was into subversive cross stitch a few years ago? Still makes me laugh.


brie said...

I have the fancy Sublime Stitching kit...I bought it two years ago and I haven't had a chance to actually focus on it. Maybe now's the time. I think you may have just inspired me Erin!

Anonymous said...

OK, that photo was hilarious! The bib's bigger than the baby! But they are both lovely. I need a new craft (not like I have an old one on the go). Maybe I'll look into this Sublime Stiching thing. A couple of years ago, I saw funny hooked rug patterns - Playboy pinups and things like that.

Good job on the bib!

Erin Riley said...

I like subversive cross stitch because I like the idea of writing strange things in different formats. I've never done it before though, Imti.

Also, I love love love rug hooking! It's so simple and satisfying. I wonder if you could make an actual rug instead of a decorative wall hanging?

One thing I forgot to mention: embroidery is a fast craft, if you keep it simple. However, I don't everyone to get too excited about embroidery potential; it'll be a bit much if everyone makes embroidered gifts!

sarah said...

I've never tried embroidery before, but this year at Christmas I had big fun with felt applique! I love it because a) you get to cut things out of felt, which reminds me of crafting in elementary school and b) It looks super cute when you put it on anything knitted!
Crafting is so fun, isn't it?